Company+ Tax code + Work permit + Temporary Residence card + Insurance + Address registration

open a company and Registration of a legal entity with foreign founders in the  Ukraine. Foreign citizens who stay in Ukraine on legal grounds have the same rights as Ukrainian citizens (except the vote right). They can register their own legal entity as the founders of this legal entity (they might require an Ukrainian partner at initial stages though). The most popular and prevailing kinds of legal entities in Ukraine are Private Enterprise (PE) and Limited Liability Company (LLC). The difference between them is the number of required founders: 1 founder for PE, 2 and more founders for LLC. The one and only issue currently is that to be a company managing director you require an Ukraine employment permit to be able to register a company in Ukraine as a foreigner, but you cannot obtain the permit until the company is founded, right? Talk about the chicken and the egg situation. The most common solution is to incorporate the company with an Ukrainian director and foreign founders, receiving the employment permits, and then replacing the Ukrainian director with a foreigner after he receives an employment permit and temporary residence card in Ukraine. Keep in mind, if your activities require many foreign employees, we propose you to consider a registration of a foreign representative office instead, so you’ll simply have to obtain a foreign employee service card for a purposes of job placement of foreign citizens, and skip the whole residence permit process. Documents, required to incorporate a legal entity with foreign founders in Ukraine Passport of founder, translated into Ukrainian and certified by translation agency and a notary Ukrainian taxpayer Identification Code Company legal address lease contract (can be an Ukraine real estate purchase agreement) Company Charter and 2 notarized copies of it. Additional documents, depending on the situation.



Step-by-step procedure on obtaining residence permit by employment for a foreign citizen

  • 1) Work demand (5 business days) Employment Center authorities authorities run a search on the Ukrainian labor market to verify that: there is an absence in Ukraine or a specific region of qualified individuals capable of performing the relevant type of work there are sufficient reasons, explaining or documenting of practicality of hiring a foreign citizen, unless otherwise provided by an international agreement to which Ukraine is a signatory
  • 2) Employment permit for 1 year (10-14 business days)
    Employer should submit a work permit request to the local Employment Center according to the place of company registration. The issued permit authorizes a specific foreign national to work for a specific company and it includes details about the hiring entity as well as about nationality and job position.
    Employment must be based on a contract agreement between employee and employer and guarantee a salary which is the basis for tax regulations.
  • 3) Visa application (20 business days)
    After the employment permit is issued, you must leave Ukraine territory and visit Ukrainian embassy or consulate abroad in order to apply for a new visa. A single entry long-term D-type visa is issued on the basis of the employment permit. A visa alone does not give a right to stay in the country, it only gives a right for entry and for applying for a temporary residence permit.
    Standard documents required: passport and its Ukrainian translation, photos, visa application form, obligatory health insurance covering the period of your stay in Ukraine, and notarized copy of the employment permit.
  • 4) Residence permit (14 business days)
    Temporary residence permit must be arranged upon arrival to Ukraine through a D-type visa with an  employment permit.
    Residence permit gives the right to a foreigner to reside on the territory of Ukraine and allows multiple travels in and out of the country during the validity of foreigner’s employment permit. 
    It is issued by State Migration Service of Ukraine (SMSU) and is valid for as long as employment permit is valid.
  • 5) Resident address registration (2 business days)
    Within 10 days after you get your temporary residence permit, you have to formally register your place of residence in Ukraine at the local Migration Service 
    (get an address registration stamp in your temporary residence permit card).
    The applicant he/she is eligible to apply for the work permit either 1 or 3 year's, the stateless Immigration department will collect the different charges based on the duration.