Ukraine Private Invitation Letter Process

An appropriate visa is required for a private visit. Usually, a private invitation is issued for 90 or 180 days from the date of its receipt. In order for a foreign state citizen to obtain a private visa in the Consulate of Ukraine abroad, a hosting party should fill out  an invitation letter properly at the State Migration Service of Ukraine First of all, a hosting party (an individual) should fill a standard application form with State Migration Service of Ukraine. Then it is recorded in a record book of individuals’ applications for  issuance of invitations for foreigners and stateless persons to obtain visa to enter the territory of Ukraine. The migration service employees verify correctness of  filing up an application and availability of complete package of the required documents. Then a comparison of the copies and original documents is performed, as well as control of a hosting party and case formation. You have the invitation letter, what next? When the invited party receives the document package, they need to attend a visa interview in person at the nearest Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate and file all the documents they received from the hosting party.  Upon receiving your visa, make sure to carefully check it for any kind of mistakes or omissions, like name, date of birth, visa type, visa validity date etc.
Our chargers cover Invitation Letter
Travel Insurance cover for the stay in the Ukraine
Public Notary
DHL or FedEx courier
Total Cost 330-450 USD Approximately

How it Works


Send your request via email with your complete details.


Review the application then payment, and send the Invitation via courier

Visa Assistance

Fill up the Visa application and help to get the visa