Permanent residence permit in Ukraine
Permanent residence permit – is document that allow foreigner legally stay in Ukraine, to work and study, to marry,
implement all long time goals and settle down in Ukraine. Acquisition document of permanent resident of Ukraine makes you equal
with Ukrainian citizenship (except obvious unavailable for non-resident right to vote and be elected in authorities). Permanent place of living
guarantee recognition of the legitimacy of your legal status in Ukraine and protection of your rights and freedoms by state.How to receive permanent residence card in Ukraine?
Ukrainian Permanent Residence Card (PRC) is a document permitting a foreign citizen or a stateless person to stay and reside in the
territory of Ukraine indefinitely. This permit is also an important step to obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.
The grounds and terms for obtaining a permanent residence permit are different on a case-by-case basis,
1.ranging from marrying an Ukrainian citizen and obtaining permanent residence permit after living for two (2) years in Ukraine.
2.ranging from marrying an permanent residence holder of Ukraine and obtaining the permanent residence permit within 6 months of duration.
3.Persons whose immigration to Ukraine will contribute to science and culture development
4.Professionals of various branches of activity with acute shortage of highly-qualified personnel
5.Foreigners who are direct relatives of the citizens of Ukraine (parents, children of minority age, grandparents, siblings, as well as a husband or a wife)
6.Citizens of other states who earlier were citizens of Ukraine
7.Investors who invested into the Ukrainian economy at least US$ 100 000 or equivalent of this amount in another currency (requires a document proving such fact according to the legislation of Ukraine from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade)
8.Persons with a refugee status who permanently resided in the territory of Ukraine for over three years from the date of obtaining such status in Ukraine, as well as their families, living directly with them
9.Persons with a status of those suffered from illegal actions, relating to human traffic, as well as those who permanently reside in the territory of Ukraine within three years
What are the benefits of obtaining a permanent residence card in Ukraine?
Obtaining status of the permanent resident of Ukraine equalizes it’s holder with the citizen of Ukraine and guarantees protection of legal rights and freedoms by the state. Permanent residence permit in Ukraine grants you similar rights and privileges enjoyed by Ukrainian citizens (excepting the right to vote, perform a military service or hold a position with a high-level security clearance):
the right to freely enter, move and reside on the territory of Ukraine (no need of obtaining visas, filling immigration cards, getting registrations, paying consular fees)
the right to education (including free education for children)
the right to obtain financial services in Ukraine (bank cards, accounts, credits, loans etc.)
the right for appropriate working conditions (working hours, health and safety standards, holiday entitlements)
the right for family reunification (spouse, minor children and parents of residence permit holder are entitled to receive a residence permit of the same duration)
the right on duty-free entry of vehicles for personal use
the right to obtain visa to enter other countries from Ukraine
the right on social security (family allowance, minimal income support, retirement pensions, free health care, etc.)
the right to perform basic commercial activities (become a private entrepreneur)
the right to perform advanced commercial activities (found a company)
the right to freely apply for employment for casual, temporary or regular job
the right to acquire citizenship of Ukraine.
Documents required for obtaining permanent residence permit ?
A questionnaire and an application form for immigration to the State Migration Service of Ukraine (SMSU)
Original of the foreigner’s passport
Notarized copy of foreigner’s passport translated into Ukrainian, certified by a translation agency
A photo-copy of a passport pages with a mark on a legal border crossing, registration, as well as migration card
Notarized copy of the immigration permit. If the immigration permit is issued simultaneously with the permanent residence, additionally all the documents, that were required to receive the immigration permit.
Certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine
Certificate of no criminal record in country of foreigner’s citizenship
Passport copies of a foreigner’s close relatives (parents, children, wife/husband, siblings), who are citizens of Ukraine;
Photocopies of documents, proving relation of an immigrant with close relatives in Ukraine: birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. Copies of these documents have to include their translation into Ukrainian and should be notarized and certified by translation agency
A photocopy of a birth certificate of a child (up to 16 years old)
A notarized application of a home owner, where an immigrant is to be registered, on objection absence to such registration; a notarized copy of documents on right of ownership to a home;
Medical certificates proving absence of such serious disease of an immigrant as AIDS & tuberculosis.
2 envelopes
8 passport-sized photographs (35 x 45 mm).